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Thursday, 13 August 2015

HOME Again

I managed to get some more HOME letters from The Works (for info £1 a packet), and my daughter requested a set in her favourite colour - blue.

These are work in progress at the moment as I have only painted the top side.   I am hoping to eventually do a more silver and blue on the other side

The MDF letters were first painted with black gesso.  When dry the side you can see had Black Pebeo Ceramic paint applied and whilst it was still wet I applied in the following order the Pebeo products, using a kebab stick:

Turquoise Fantasy Moon
Onyz Fantasy Prisme
Eggshell White Fantasy Prisme
Turquoise Vitrail
Eggshell White Fantasy Priseme (again)

When it this side is dry, I will paint the other side of the letters in a different colour (the advantage of the word HOME is it is reversible).  I will then paint the rest of edges of the letters with black ceramic paint.

I have another four sets of letters to paint for Christmas presents - I think knowing my friends and rellies - this particular colourway (or variations on it) are going to be most popular.

Quite pleased with how they turned out as you never quite know how the paints are going to react together - my granddaughter who was painting with me in the Den yesterday, was fascinated by the way they paints reacted considering they were only dropped on from a kebab stick!

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