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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Owl & Heart and Owlerflies/Owlieflies!

Blue, purple and pink

It started some months ago - my son's daughter's were raiding my stash in the Den, and discovered the owl in my stash.  Needless to say they all wanted the Owl!  I only had one cut out owl, but I offered them some other owls, and the second eldest decided that she wanted her owl on a butterfly background - and decided to call it an Owlerfly!  I eventually managed to get some more of the owls, but needless to say they then didn't want them!  So eldest granddaughter having had first "bagsy" on the owl and heart originally got to keep her choice.   The second eldest stuck with her larger owl, and the three-year old also decided she wanted the plain owl and butterfly as well!

However, I was given instructions as to the colours they wanted!

Purple and pink (the original Owlerfly!

Youngest's Owlerfly - Blue and Pink

Everything had white Gesso applied to them.  The Owls then had some Pebeo Texture paste added to them, and then sponged and textured with one of my rubber modelling tools to give the effect of wings and some markings on the front.  

They were then painted with the requested colours, using a mixture of metallic acrylics and Pebeo iridescent paints,  The cut-out Owl also had a pink- red vitrail mixed with lightening medium and and a lilac fantasy paint for its breast. When dry I applied some Pebeo gilding wax - gold for the cut-out Owl and Silver for the other two.  Liquid gold leaf was applied to the insides of the eyes of the two Owlerflies. 

I then sponged the butterflies and heart with various metallic and iridescent paints to compliment the owls in the colours the girls chose.

I am nor sure whether the girls want these to hang by ribbon etc in their room, or whether they would like them mounted on a canvas to create a piece of artwork for the walls of their bedrooms.

This is what they look mounted on a canvas:

Hope you like the Owlerflies/Owlieflies (chose your own version of the name)  as designed by a six-year old  Thanks for popping by.

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