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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Discovering some old stash

work in progress

I discovered some old craft stash tucked away in my bedroom - I thought it was glass paints, but it turned out to be mainly ceramic paint, with just a couple of bottles of glass paint.  It was Marabu-Ceramica.  I bought the bottles for peanuts - something like 20 p - 40 p  each many years ago when Hobbycraft were discontinuing their stock.  I had forgotten about them.  I had to look up the make on the net and discovered that they were water based!

Well nothing ventured nothing gained.  I applied Pebeo white gesso to the letters and when dry took the plunge and painted one of the blue ceramics thickly onto the letters.  Whilst it was still wet I dribbled on some darked blue ceramico, then a blue glass paints and finally some more ivory ceramic and dragged a kebab stick through it.

I shall eventually apply the blue to the other sides and on the reverse side I will try a different combination.   So I wait with baited breath to see how the first side dries, and hope that it is as good as the solvent ceramics/glass paints that I usual use.   (watch this space as they say!)

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