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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Felted Stones

Felted Stones (from left to right) by 9 yr old, 6 yr old and 3 yr old

Last Saturday, I went to the Mini Maker Fayre at Brighton with my son and his girls.  One of the things they tried was making felted stones.  Great fun.  They really did well (and no help from me as I knew how to do it, and just sat and watched).  Even their Dad got involved helping the 3 year old roll hers.  I think he enjoyed himself too.  The 3 year old was most pedantic as to what colours she wanted on hers  (the one on the right).

Didn't they do well.

There was also a needle felting workshop, but they didn't get to try that (a bit to dangerous for the littlest one, who always wants to do what her older sisters do), so I have promised to teach the eldest one how to do it very soon.

Alien Granddaughter

I had to include this photo from the afternoon too for my crafty friends, as an idea for Halloween or Fancy Dress party -  How about this for a fantastic mask made from papier mache over a cycle helmet.  Contour done with string, and the eyes are from sunglasses.

I love it - think I might have to borrow one of the grandchildren's cycle helmets!

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