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Sunday, 6 September 2015

This is what it was!

A Planet

A back to school space project with No.3 granddaughter a planet.  Fab isn't it - she did a grand job.

Papier mache over a balloon, and then some crumpled serviette added for texture.  Painted with black gesso, and then she let rip with the Pebeo DYNA iridescent colours.  Base colour we blue/green and green/blue sponged one, and then with the scratchy side of a kitchen scourer she add the highlights to the "wrinkles" in the serviette layer with a bit of I think every colour in the range.  

When dry we tied some stretchy silver "ribbon" around it.

Planet and satellite
Her Dad and older sister (aged 9) helped her  create a satellite from a pringle tube, some kebab sticks, kitchen roll tubes and some kitchen foil - another brilliant project.  Photo doesn't really do the satellite justice - but it looked really effective.

Good job Nanny is a crafter and has a stash of bits and bobs for grandchildren to craft with.    

All three children then started to make some "sputniks" with polystyrene balls and cotton buds, but the first layer of paint wasn't dry so we couldn't take any photos.  Hopefully weather permitting we shall finish these next time they visit.

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