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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wooden Christmas Decorations

I have had such fun today.  My crafting mojo is returning.  It was too cold and wet and miserable to go up in the Den to paint; so I was very naughty and brought my paints down into the house and painted on the dining table!  I don't think my husband would have approved when he was alive particularly as I do have a craft room/study to use (but the desk was full of computer and other craft stuff and I didn't dare risk getting paint on the computers!).

Anyway I did, and hopefully he is looking down on me with approval for finally getting my crafting mojo back.   It was so therapeutic sitting painting with the christmas movies on the tv to watch at the same time.  It was just like sitting colouring in but with paints.    

Here are pictures of the individual items:

My son has just moved into a new house, and I wanted to make something for his girls for Christmas when they come to visit.   I hope they all like them.  (They had seen them unpainted, and originally they all wanted a gingerbread man - so I bought a couple more to save any arguments - just hope I have painted the right "favourite"colours on them!)  For info the wooden decorations came from Hobbycraft.

I have a couple more similar items to paint (baubles), one of which at least will be for me, and I have my wooden watermill to paint too.   So that should keep me out of mischief for a little while longer! 

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