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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Playing with new TODO machine

So having received my new TODO ,machine, I had to try out the hot foiling.  This is the Christmas tree using the blue foil.  As you can see it is almost holgraphic as when I took the picture the light from the lounge lights has caused different colours to reflect.  (Even more so when I used the flash to take the photo.)

I also tried out stamping using the TOD - and the Noel was stamped using that, and then the little snowman from the Clarity little Christmas people was added in the normal way with a block.  I used an archival pad for stamping - Brilliance pearlescent ice blue.

I did another version of this card with a Chrismas tree in the middle, but forgot to take picture.

It's ages since I did any stamping, but the TODO does seem to help get a good image every time. Hopefully there will be some more TODO makes in the future.  Can't wait to try more foiling.

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