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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Animal Easter Eggs

Inspired by a friends mini egg animals today, I revisited making animals from eggs this year and started by making the rabbit above.

I then went on to make some more rabbits and the teddy and elephant.

I have made many animals over the years, mainly from creme eggs.   They were always my Easter demo when I was teaching as a bit of fun on the last day of term.   I also used to teach Brownies and Guides to make them and also many children taking part in holiday activities (albeit the holiday activity ones were made completely from marzipan with no eggs involved).    So quite a few elephants and teddies have been made over the years under my guidance.

The following pictures are some of the animals I have made over the years:


Cat, Squirrel, chicken, crocodile, tortoies

a selection of creme eggs and also handmade Easter Eggs

Chicken, rabbit in a dress, rugby lad, owl, elephant. pooh bear, frog, another owl and a male and female elephant

Rabbit, fairy house, owl, rugby lad, pig, frog, elephant, ninja turtle, teddy

elephant in a cap

The rugby lad


Chicken, elephant and handmade frog egg (which was filled with smarties)

fairy house
 I hope these ideas have inspired you to have a play.    (Hint:  a little melted chocolate helps stick the sugarpaste/marzipan on to the eggs.   A biscuit with a drop of melted chocolate on is also a good base to stand the egg on, although you could use a circle of marzipan or sugarpaste.

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