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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Playing about with pearls

Many, many moons ago I had some rather nice earrings from Avon.  I don't have pierced ears and clip-on earrings used to pinch after a while, but the ones I had had no clip, and were fab.  Unfortunately over the years I managed to lose them.

Today I tried to replicate the idea with some single hole pearls I bought recently

three pairs of beads - two with round pearls and one pair with a flat backed pearl

Trying to get the length of the wire was a bit interesting.  I thought I had one remaining earring in my jewellery box, so I could copy that, but it seems to have disappeared!  I shall play about a bit more and perfect them.   The bag of pearls only cost £1 for each type of bead.  I could actually do with getting some a bit smaller.

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