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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A bit of a make over

It was recycle bin day today, and I though I really ought to sort through the pile of magazines that were accumulating on a table in the lounge as well as in two magazine holders.  

Well I had a good clear out and then decided that the magazine holders could do with a little make-over.   They were originally white with black flowers on them...............

........ so it was out with the black Pebeo gesso, and a quick coat.  (the insides were already black). When that was dry I got out the faithful£1 pack of  kitchen scourers and cut one up into little squares; and my Daley Rowney System 3 metallic paints  (confess for a metallic finish I really love these - I had nearly run out, but our little art shop was closing down recently - need I say more!)   I used, red, blue, green, silver, bronze and light gold and just "sponged" the paint all over randomly with the scourer side.    I do like the effect you get and it is one of the simplest things to do.

When they are completely dry tomorrow I will give them a quick coat of Crafters Companion spray and shine.  (I could have done it tonight, but I like to do it outside - and it was trying to snow!)

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