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Monday, 25 April 2016

It was one of those days!

 This experiment started off so well - and then I mucked it up!

I prepared the canvas last night, and originally the background was green acrylic mixed with Maimeri Light Modelling Paste. which I sponged on..  I used Leonie's "Create" mask.   I then outlined the word with Pebeo transparent Cerne Relief, and left it to dry overnight.

This morning I started to add the Pebeo Vitail and Fantasy paints into the outline of the word.   So far so good - and then catastrophe - got up to answer the door and managed to catch my sleeve in the wet paint - heck it went everywhere!   The e, a & t were completely smudged and leaking over the green background.

When I had calmed down and finished calling myself every kind of fool, including rescuing the edge of my sleeve, I set about trying to repair the damage.   I wiped off the excess, over-painted the green again and then redid the vitrail and fantasy paints to best of my ability.

I wasn't happy with it.   I left the wording to "crust" off a bit, and then got a lighter cream colour paint and repainted the background - a tad tricky - couldn't sponge it on as before, so had to use various size paintbrushes to get in around the word.

I still wasn't completely happy, so over-painted the background with Maimeri Iridescent Paste, which brought the background to life (I had intended to use this on the green originally).   Finally I finished the background with a second coat, this time Maimeri Glassy Gel.

I have decided to leave it like this for the time being.  I may add some embelishments later, but wasn't going to push my luck any further today.

However, I will add that as shown by the demonstrator on HOCHANDA, I did spread the excess paint on a plastic pocket, as she said it remained flexible and you could use the left over paint in punches etc.

Left over paint:
Iridescent paint with glitter in   Glassy Gel with glitter and put through a punch
ordinary accrylic (as an experiment) and acrylic mixed with light modelling paste with  beadazzles and glitter

I love the effect of the Glassy Gel and glitter.  I shall try that again, and also try it mixed with colour. Apparently you can also use the three mediums in moulds - yes that is on my to try list too.

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