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Monday, 2 May 2016

Playing in the Sunshine

What a lovely day it was yesterday.  Some real WARM sunshine for a change.  My son and his girls came over for Sunday lunch, and it was so lovely we actually ate our roast dinner outside.

After lunch the four year old and the seven year old wanted to go up in my Den to paint/craft.  Well as it was first time I had been able to get up there this year, who was I to argue.

We decided to get out the cloud clay and they wanted to make flowers - so I taught them a couple of flowers, and then we stuck them onto small 3" canvas boards.

This is the result of their efforts:

Rose, and Daisy by four year old T

Roses and a background by seven year old C (that is supposed to be her name in the bottom corner,
 (only she ran out of space and name is on two lines!)

and finally four year old wanted to paint a picture for her mum - using my best Pebeo acrylics!

I  think they mastered hand-made roses pretty well!   (well they had a good teacher didn't they - lol!)

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