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Monday, 6 June 2016

Playing with Pebeo Mixtion Relief

Having watched Sheena Douglas demonstrating the other day, I thought I would play with my Mixtion relief..  I didn't want to use anything precious for my "tester" pieces, so I chose a  coffee jar for my first piece.   I rubbed the Mixtion on with my finger and then using Leonie Pujo'ls stamps I stamped into it to remove some of the paste.  When dry I applied Pebeo mirror leaves, which actually give a silver finish, albeit the design looks black in the photo, but it was very difficult to catch the effect.  I also smeared the relief over the screw top.

Coffee Jar with mirror leaf finish

I then decided to use one of my little candle glasses for the second experiment.    Although I started off exactly the same as the coffee jar, when tacking I applied Pebeo silver leaf to it.  As you will see the paste "grabbed" more of the leaves.   I also think I didn't removed quite as much of the paste as I could have, so ended up with a completely different effect.

With silver leaf

My next experiment when the product arrives will be to use the Mixtion liquid, and actually stamp with it to see what result I get then.

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