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Monday, 27 June 2016

Playing with Pebeo Products - Mixed Media

I managed to have a little play in the Den today, as for once we had sun.  (Also encouraged by the fact that I had eldest granddaughter with me as she was off school, so thought I would let her play with my Pebeo paints).

Somebody had posed a question on Facebook, about the effects of the different Fantasy paints and vitrail, so I thought I would do a sample piece of different effects.

almost completed

From top left corner:

Mixtion liquid relief painted on and gold leaf applied.  The black ceramic and eggshell white prismé. Then a few dots of white 4 Artist Marker added.

Apricot Moon, Emerald Prismé, Pearl ceramic, Cherry Blossom Prismé, white ceramic.

Prismé Pearl Violene (purple).  Rose Antique Deco acrylic dots, White  ceramic, glitter medium  and Cherry red prismé, 

Black ceramic,  Mixtion relief piped on and brushed.  When dry silver mirror foil added.

Parma Violet Prismé, white and black ceramic and red vitrail, with a couple of dots of white 4 Artist marker.

Marine Prismé black and white ceramic and crimson vitrail

Emerald Prismé, eggshell white Prismé and crimson vitrail.

Transparent Gold Vitrail,, Eggshell white Prismé, Gold Moon Brown Vitrail.

Green Vitrail, Glitter Medium, Red Ceramic, Eggshell White Prismé


My 14 year old granddaughter also had a play:    Hers is a work of art! (as opposed to my sample piece).  She used most of the same colours as me in different combinations.  As usual having shown her how to do it - she surpassed me!

Here it is again mounted on a background made from Pebeo deco paints (sponged on):

mounted on deco paint background

More from my granddaughter - work in progress:

Both creations from my granddaughter.
At least when she finishes her piece at home - she will be using her paints and not mine!  tee hee!

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