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Friday, 16 September 2016

A Gnome House

I teased you the other day with a glimpse of work in progress on my gnome house.   It was such a glorious day today (Tuesday - yes sorry I have scheduled this blog) I sat outside and painted and took advantage of the hot, hot day.  I didn't even venture to the den, but sat on the patio to work in the sunshine.    I wish it had been more like this in the Summer, there is so many bits in the Den that I could play with.

I started off by painting a tissue box - but more of that tomorrow.  I then decided to paint the Gnome House I created from a bottle.

The one I painted the other day, I use the varnish and powders that came with the Powertex kit, but I just knew I wanted to use the Pebeo DYNA iridescent paints on this one.

and I have to share this too - my palette for the day - before I wash it all off.   I did think that I ought to cut it and mount it as a piece of abstract art - lol!   I thought I could call it "A Study in Pebeo"

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