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Monday, 19 September 2016

Enamelled Tray

I have had a couple of these trays for a while now.  I had got as far as applying black gesso last year, and had intended making some Christmas pressie, but when my husband died last October, my mojo disappeared.  At last I have got around to doing something with them,

My idea was to create a sort of Japanese lacquer finish.   As most people will who have worked with the Pebeo Fantasy paints, ceramic and vitrail - they do have a mind of their own.   Each section started off with a coat of Vitrail, but because it is on black, the different colours don't show up that well.   Two sections the gold and the cream one were more opaque colours.  I must look out for more opaque vitrail.

The sections were coloured very randomly - with a few drops of each colour I chose just dropped in and allowed to do their own thing.   I then drew a cocktail stick through the designs in a sort of spider's web design to create swirls.  (dragging from centre out and alternating dragging from edge to centre).

Finally the rest of the wooden surround was painted with black ceramic paint.  I am in two minds whether to leave it as it is or whether to get a gold or silver Pebeo Marker and run it around the top edge of the sections, and to tie that in mask off the side edge and do the same with that to create a stripe around it,

Anybody got any thoughts!

close up of  the sections

another close up   (I love the effect of the section to the left)

Don't think this will be going any further than my dressing table to hold me nail varnishes!

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