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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Playing about with Clay

I treated myself to some air drying clay.   It is called pot clay, and it has nylon running through it for strength.      (I say air drying, but apparently it can also be used like normal clay and fired, in which case the nylon melts away )

Having said that - my efforts weren't being fired.   I have never worked with real clay before and it was a baptism of fire so to speak.   I invested in the spacers and rollers so that the clay would be the correct thickness, but it was still a lot thicker than the other sorts of clay (and of course sugarpaste) that I normally work with.   The hardest part was leaving the objects alone to dry properly before I painted them!   (Crafters will know that feeling - we are so impatient!)

My bucket list is to try as many crafts as possible - and as I said I have never worked with "real" clay, although I know my children did at school.   We never had that luxury.

The first picture was work in progress (together with a couple of other things I was working on - hopefully more on those another day when finished.)

Ghost made from Hobbycraft air dry clay.  The  darker clay is the pot clay

And here are the finished results after painting - manly using Pebeo paints:  I painted the plate using the double loaded brush (paint fusion) technique.

My plate, moulded over a rippled glass plate, and design made using cutters

Plate sitting on a stand.

Ghost made from the whiteHobbycraft air dry clay and painted
I had tried using this clay before, but didn't get on with it - so  decided to try again and use some of it -
sorry but I still don't like it.

Ghost with battery tealight inside

In the dark!

Pumpkin tea light holder

In the dark

OK those of you that were really observant probably noticed that there was something else made from the pot clay in the first picture.    Erm  ....well it's like this .... it didn't really turn out quite as I had hoped, bearing in mind that I have made these frogs using sugarpaste and creme eggs or even cloud clay for years; and I can now see why you have to keep the clay fairly thick!   I was only messing about with the left over bits of clay on my mat,  and I really could not get it to shape like I wanted - BUT I will be good and share my disaster too!

The disaster!  (I am not even going to make it a large picture!)

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