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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Parchment Owl

I tried my hand at some parchment work yesterday.  I haven't done a lot before, but this gorgeous owl was part of my Clarity Club Groovi goodies for this month, and I just had to play, and chose some coloured parchment to work on.

I found it  a bit difficult to capture what it looks like in real life with the photo - I may update the photo when the weather improves and I can get better daylight!

Mind you it wasn't quite as straightforward as planned.  Having sat with the instructions from Barbara Gray on how to do the black outline etc, and followed religiously, I couldn't work out why the "white work" wasn't showing that well - well duh dipstick me - it does help if you work on the correct side of the coloured parchment.   Shown below his my first attempt and faux pas working on the wrong side!

(Actually now that it is mounted it doesn't look too  bad, and the photograph make it look lighter than it really is!

 I gather I am not the first person to work on the wrong side, and as a pal said "You are a parcher now - we have all done that at least once".

Here are a couple more photos, which hopefully are slightly better:

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