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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Choir Boys

Many moons ago, when my children were small, we used to make choir boys from card and ping pong balls - possible something we learned from Blue Peter although I have an idea my mother made them first, so possibly something from WI!

I though I would attempt to make them using a card base covered in felt, and some cotton covered balls.  All was going great until it came to making sleeves   I just couldn't get the felt to stick no matter what I tried.  I had various sleeves on my desk, some done with pinflair glue, some with all round medium, some with cosmic shimmer, and finally some with powertex - none worked.  I have been told that there is a Collall felt glue, so I shall send for some of that - otherwise it might be a needle and thread job!    In the meantime, I have just run a promarker along the pipe cleaner arms!

The face was painted with flesh coloured acrylic and wool stuck on for hair and a face drawn on.  Lace was used for the trim and the neck ruff;

I have some white cotton, so I may even try making the sleeves from that as powsertex should work with that.

Having spent the afternoon working on the angel and the frustration of the sleeves, I decided to use some of the wood bodies I had to make a choirboy/girl inspired by the ones Leonie Pujol did on on Hochanda.   This was much simpler and took minutes.   Red felt was wrapped around the figure and tied with twine.  Twine was then threaded through the lace and that was tied on too.   The hair was created from more of the twine, which was unravelled to make it fill out more.  The face was painted as before and features drawn on with a micron pen.   Not sure I am completely happy with the effect, but it is supposed to be a bit Nordic.

Wooden choirboy/girl with the unclothed wooden doll on left.

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