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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas Sweets

I felt in the mood to make some Christmas sweets this week.  Something I haven't done for years.  I used to make them regularly when I was teaching at adult education, as truffles were part of my last week of term demo (and of course the students all got to have a taste too)

Christmas pud truffles on a marzipan "plate"

Hazelnut logs with royal iced decoration

Hazelnut logs again with a snowflake decoration

The sweets in on of the boxes I made.
The sweets are very easy to make being a mix of cake crumbs, apricot jam and hazelnute paste, which when cool is rolled into a sausage shape, and wrapped in marzipan (just like making sausage rolls).  the roll is thenbrushed with chocolate to resemble bark and cut into log shapes (and a perk is eating the odd end shapes!).  

The "puds" were just balls of the mix with a placed on a circle of marzi with melted choc to make it stick and a little chocolate drizzled over the top, and decorated.   You could of course just roll them in cocoa powder or vermicelli.

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