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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Dream Jar

Photo of Jar taken with flash on camera

My daughter was going to buy a dream jar for my granddaughters for Christmas, but when we saw the small size of it compared to the price - it was a No No!

We decided we could probably make our own (albeit it wouldn't be in time for Christmas).    The other day she called round with a load of empty jars, (mainly for me to create some fairy houses with), and she said she thought this one would make an excellent dream jar,

I painted the inside of the jar with IndigoBlu super thick Slap It On, and then sprinkled some of the IndigoBlu Luscious powder pigments into the jar.  They were a little patchy, so I put more Slap It on on my brush and swirled the colours slightly.  I painted the lid with the Slap It On and powders as well.

Our original idea was to put one of the battery tealights inside, but I didn't think it showed up enough, so having bought some bottle lights, I stuck one of those to the inside of the lid.- Result!

The only thing I wish I had done was to add some Unicorn sparkles in some places, but I forgot I had bought those until it was too late! duh!

Here are some other views of the Dream Jar  (The jar is just under three and half inches tall)

Photo with all lights off

Photo with no flash against black background

Photo with no flash against white background

As you will see you get a different effect with different lighting and backgrounds.

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