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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Wooden Ornaments (again)

Do you remember the little tree ornament I shared the other day?  Well when I was clearing up I discovered a label that said "light up" tree - duh mine appeared to have the base with the light missing!   Bother and other words - I had painted it!   However, I popped into the works and showed them my dilemma and to see if they had a spare base "floating around".   Well they were brilliant - they just gave me a replacement.  Well done the works.  However, it was a win win situation for both of us, as the replacement he gave me was a different style.  We found a replacement for the "deer" one, and I purchased the one with the church.

So here they both are.  Once again painted with Pebeo paints, some puffy paint for the snow on the base with some Eiskristalls added to the snow and the snowflakes, and star.  I then went over everything with the sparkle overlay pen, and finally a quick spray of Spray and Shine.

another view

and the BONUS was the light up feature - the bulbs change colour!

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