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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Monochrome Box in Folk Art Style

Work in progress

I bought some pretty boxes some time ago in B & M, originally intending to paint them as Christmas presents.  However, I never got around to tackling them,

My No 2 Granddaughter wanted some bits to personalise her room at her Dad's house, and I offered to paint one of the boxes for her.    She wanted black and white/silver.   She hasn't seen this yet, so I hope she likes it.

I painted the box with black gesso, and originally I had intended painting little roses around the hearts, but when I practised what I had intended it didn't quite work out as I wanted, so I ended up drawing little hearts using a silver Pebeo marker.   I then ran the marker along the grooves in the box.

Finally, I then decided to do some more outlining on the edges and around the inside of the heart shapes.  It was then given a coat of varnish using Spray and Shine.

The finished box

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