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Thursday, 19 January 2017

More on a Monochrome theme

So continuing on from the black and white/silver theme of the box for my granddaughter's bedroom yesterday.  I started on some other items for her.   This is a money box.

I painted the roof with white gesso and the main part of the house with grey matt Pebeo   Then using masking fluid and a ruling pen I created the "brickwork", and using a paintbrush and the masking fluid I created doors and windows.

The roof was then painted with black acrylic and the house with white acrylic, when dry the masking fluid was removed.   I outlined the door and window with white Pebeo marker and painted some swirl roses around the door,  The moneybox was then varnished with spray and shine.

Another view.

Oops forgot - I also dampened the paint on the door and sprinkled some ultra thick embossing crystals on it, and melted with with my heat gun, and while they were still in a molten state I drew the end of a paintbrush through them to create a "plank" effect on the door,


I then decided to paint a little pencil/pen holder for her.   Painted with black Gesso and then decorated with white and black "Paint Fusion" Folk Art rose.   Again finished off with spray and shine.

 I have one more little item to paint in the monochrome theme, which I will share tomorrow, and then I shall be tackling two more moneyboxes in a slightly more "girly" colours.

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