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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Watercolour Robin

 Having attempted a little landscape, I thought I would try something a bit more adventurous!   When clearing up the Christmas cards, I saved the fronts of a few that had lovely Robins on.

So here is my attempt at copying one of the images, using my Brushos.  Not perfect by any means, but at least you can see it is a Robin.

The Christmas card image on left and my attempt on right.

The traced outline with masking fluid added

I followed the "cheats" I had learned from watching Alison C Board on Hochanda.  Using Tracedown paper I traced the outline of the bird.   I then applied masking fluid around the image and on parts of the bird.  Then using various techniques with the Brushos I painted the Robin, and prayed for a reasonable result!

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