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Sunday, 19 March 2017

and finally .... The finished Fairy House!

Finished House
Here it is - the end product!  I will try and recall what I did with it.

I gave the walls a coat of Pebeo Decocremepaint using the lighter grey and cream colours.  I then highlighted the brickwork with the same paints, using the beige and darker grey colours randomly, applying the paint with a wet wipe or my finger.

The Roof and gable had Pebeo creams, golds and beige decocreme paints applied randomly, as well as a smidgen of DecoArt Media Raw Umber.  I also applied some Pebeo Decocreme pearl gold, gold glitter and silver glitter.  

The windows were painted with Pebeo Decocreme pearl gold, gold glitter and silver glitter, with Imagination Crafts Dark Orchid Starlight Wax applied to the raised frames, using my finger, as was the little heart.
and just to prove I got rid of the dodgy Bister splash on the back!

The "corded" edges to the house were painted with various shades of brown, and then more of the Dark Orchid Starlight Wax applied.  The base was painted with a double loaded brush using light and darker grey Decocreme paints.

Finally I tackled the doors - the decision to be made was whether to go bright or wood effect.   The latter won.  They were painted with Decoart Media Paynes grey and sprinkled with salt whilst wet.  A little gold glitter was then applied for a bit more texture.  Then DecoArt Prussian Blue, Ceulean Blue and transparent Iron Oxide were applied  randomly, finishing off with a coat of Quinacridone Gold,  I then went overboard and applied some Chamelion wax paste with my finger (mainly because it arrived this morning and I wanted to try it out!)  Oh yes, and applied some of my new waxes to the lace on the gable!

The door knobs had Pebeo gold gilding wax applied to them, and the inside of the doors had Sky Starlight Wax applied.

The whole house then had a coat of Powertex clear glaze applied.

I couldn't decide whether to add some little flowers to the house, but decided against it (although I may change my mind at a future date).  However, I did use a couple of the little clay butterflies I made the other day, that we decorated with Pebeo Fantasy paints.

I hope I have remembered everything I used.   The trouble is when you start playing you just experiment with what is on the table and get carried away with trying out the effects!  - lol!

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