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Saturday, 11 March 2017

playing with Pebeo Fantasy paints and clay

A friend posted a video of some butterflies she made with Fimo and a mould, which she painted with Pebeo Fantasy paints.

Inspired I decided to experiment.  I don't have any Fimo, and I find it to hard to work with.  However, I do have air-dry clay, and some little moulds that I bought recently at a Craft Show.  

The flowers and butterflies were made with white clay and then painted with black gesso and varnished with All Round Medium.  When dry I applied the Pebeo paints (Fantasy Moon and Prismé) and a little glitter vitrail.  They turned out surprisingly well, and being air-dry clay are still slightly flexible.

I shall find some more moulds, and play again.

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