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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Easter Goodies

Simnel cake

Well you can't have Easter without Simnel Cake can you.  Basically Mary Berry's recipe with a bit of a twist as I didn't have the correct quantities of fruit in the cupboard.   I also added ground almonds and flaked almonds into the mix!    There is almond paste in the middle as well as on the top (which was finished off with my cooks blow torch ........ and yes there are only 11 apostles on the cake before you try and check!

special Easter iced brownies
Well you also have something a bit naughty as well don't you.  I quite often make Brownies (I always cheat and use the Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix - it is a lovely a moist cake mix and is also dairy free - so my son can eat them).

I decided to experiment and before I cut the slices up I spread some water icing all over the slab of cake, then having marked out the slices I added mini eggs.   I have to say these were incredibly scrumptious and moreish - I may have to do this again (but without the eggs of course - I am sure I can find something else to decorate them - like mini fudge pieces or whit choc drops.)

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