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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

More Poppy Troll Headbands

Having seen the headbands I made for my youngest grandchildren, an old friend asked me to make some for her grandchildren.   She wanted them to be purple and similar in finish.

My friend and her granddaughters came to visit to collect them during the Easter holiday, on a day I had my grandchildren with me.  The girls loved their headbands, and also new friendships were formed. (which was great as my youngest granddaughter is about to join Rainbows this week, and one of my pals granddaughters already attends the unit - which her Mum runs - so it won't be so scary as she will already have a friend there)   😁

My pal also brought me a a pressie - this lovely hand made box from Poland.   Just had to share it as I love it!

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