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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Birthday Cake

My son appears to like Simnel Cake (having eaten half of the one I made at Easter, and said to me "You can make that again!") So it was obvious what he would chose for his birthday cake!   The cake is the Mary Berry recipe with an almond paste layer cooked in the middle

I felt I couldn't just do a "marzipanned" cake  - so I designed this cake topper and got it printed on sugarpaste  Obviously apostles were not required on this cake, so I just made a load of little balls to decorate the edge.

I didn't apply almond paste to the sides, but discovered this ribbon in Sainsbury's so put two layers around the outside to disguise the cake sides.  (Note to self - probably should have bought a gold board too!) 

I didn't think his girls would like the fruit cake, so I made a few "fairy" cakes.   I did cheat slightly ad when I collected the cake topper, I bought some ready made printed wafer toppers with fairies on! Not quite his scene, but the girls will love them!

chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing and wafer toppers
I will know by the time this post is scheduled whether the cakes met with approval.

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