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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Birthday Card

Made this for my brother in law, having been inspired by the Card-io demos on Hochanda earlier in the week, and thankful that my order arrived pdq, and was able to put in to practice what I had seen.

I know these stamps are going to be really useful for men's cards.  I shall get a bit more adventurous with them the more I play and do more "double" colouring of the stamps.   (In fact I did a bit with the grandchildren today, as they love these little stamps.  I have them on Tuesday so the plan is to make some Father's Day cards with them.)

We also played with some of the other stamps in the sets that I bought - a bbq, a chiminea, a washing line, which they loved particularly the little pegs! and I taught them how to make the washing look wet with the use of glossy accents, and to make rain drops.  (They had great fun showing their Dad how they did that - just glossy accents dropped onto card and a pin dragged through it - see the end of the hose pipe on the card and the paint dripping from the paint brushes).

I will add here that we had a great party last night for the two family birthdays - so nice to get both sides of the family together for a celebration rather than a funeral.  They couldn't get the hall originally wanted, and in hindsight we were so pleased, as the venue chosen was just perfect for a family gathering, with even room for a bit of disco dancing.  Perfick!      We even got to go outside and watch the ISS pass over - many of the family hadn't seen it before.   Last night was a beautiful long 20 minute pass, and as we were on the edge of a field in the middle of the village with no street lights, it really was a great sight!  In fact my daughter who is a keen follower of the space station, said she must make a note of such a good place to watch it in future - lol!

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