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Friday, 5 May 2017

Dream Catcher

Work in Progress
I had incredible fun today.  I have been meaning to paint another dream catcher for a few months. The last one I did was in gold and creams with added pearls.  (The dream catcher came from Craftwood Creations - well worth looking at their lovely mdf bits!)

I decided to paint this one as if it had a wooden ring and black cord.   The outer ring was painted with shades of brown and cream and sponged with more brown and had a smidgen of gold gilding paste applied around the edge and in carious places, in an attempt to make it appear "weathered".

The "cord" was painted with black Pebeo acrylic, and the wording had Siolver and Gold Pebeo Gilding wax applied to it.

The feathers were treated to a very thin coat of white Pebeo gesso, and thenpainted with a variety of pale Pebeo creme colours, taupe, cream, white, grey and finally pearl.   The front of the feathers were fairly easy as the MDF had guide line markings on them.  Getting the backs to look the same was more of a challenge, but can report the result was good, as I had to check when hanging them that they were the correct way round!

Almost finished
A coat of weather resistant acrylic lacquer was then applied to all the elements,   When dry I strung the feathers on cotton, adding some hematite beads, and some beading cord used for the hanger at the top.  (You can see the detail of the painting on the ring in this quite clearly).

Having taken the above photo outdoors on the back gate - I realised I hadn't stuck the wording on! - so here is the completed project hanging in my hall.

I probably should add here that the back and front of the project were painted identically (including the wording - so that should it be hung where it can be seen from both sides - they would both be the same.

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