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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Fabric Stamping

the T-towel is actual more white in colour!

I had fun yesterday afternoon.  My daughter came round for a bit of crafting.    We decided to try out some new stamps and inks.  The make is Threaders by Crafter's Companion.

We have used the wooden blocks and fabric paints before, but these are rubber stamps and ink pads.  As you can see we had a lot of fun - no pattern just both randomly stamping on a t-towel.  (You may note that a few Clarity stamps also crept into the design - well you have to experiment don't you?  Can you spot them?  We also used a couple of wooden block stamps with the inks)

The stamps in the set are flowers, leaves, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, feathers etc.  We didn't use all of them!   The great thing is that you have a lot of filled in shapes, and then detail stamps to stamp over them.   I particularly like the feathers and the little birds for infilling: however. my daughter was hooked on the honeycomb and bee stamps, as well as what we described as sprigs of lavender!  (She got quite crafty with those, inking up the stem in blue and then adding the purple lavender flowers!)

When I watched the demo on tv, they actually were more methodical and drew out a patchwork outline with dissolvable pen, and then just stamped in the squares.

We just did stamping, but you could use the designs for free motion machine embroidery, or even hand embroidery afterwards.   Another idea would be to stamp on the end of a silk scarf.  (My daughter will probably be using her embroidery machine!)

I just thought the grandchildren would like creating things with them, and I have got some pencil cases for them to decorate, and have also bought some cheap t-shirts, which I am hoping to play with for them.

another view - more realistic colour, as the T-towel had been sort of tie-dyed
with some left over fabric paint.  (note to self iron it before you stamp - lol!)
As mentioned the T-towel wasn't completely white to start with, as I had followed a hint using left over fabric paint, which I had added to a bucket of water and scrunched up the T-towel and left it to soak!

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