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Monday, 19 June 2017

Gelliplate printing

I went to an open day at Clarity Stamps on Saturday with my daughter, and came home with loads of inspiration and ideas to try out (as well as giving the credit card a slight bashing - well more than slight actually!)  However, after a really rotten week, of computers failing to proceed, (thankfully we did sort it) and also buying a new laptop, which arrived with a busted screen, so had to be returned I felt I needed to treat myself! (Even Saturday started off by going pear-shaped in as much as my alarm didn't go off, and I only woke up five mins before my daughter arrived to pick me up! - oops!)

Well today it was so hot, I didn't want to do much, so I had a little play with my new inks, and an idea using the mini gelliplates that Sam Crowe demonstrated.

I tweaked her demo as my first attempts came out rather too dark for the effect I wanted, as I was using my new stamp pads which were rather "juicy".    I put a little colour from the stamps on my mat, and "dipped" the gelliplate into it and stamped onto an ATC size card.   The example on the right was a straight stamp, and the card on the left was using the same colours but with a slight spritzing of water, before picking up the colour with the gelliplate.

I then got some of my new stamps out to create a scene - really pleased with the one on the right, as I managed to get a "white space" from the gelli print, which has really created a great snowy landscape, and even looks like a stone wall at the bottom.

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