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Monday, 26 June 2017

Hand-painted T-shirts

It was inset day at school for the youngest granddaughters last week.   We started off with quiet "mindfulness" playing with them colouring in the new books I bought them ....... and then we got a bit messier.

I bought some plain white T-shirts from Craft Crocodiles the other week,  I got two of each size - one for me to paint and one for them to paint.

Here are their results:

11 year old's effort using metallic fabric paints and a stamp

8 year old's creation.  As you will see from following pictures
she did rather a lot.  Using metallic fabric paints for the square, and
fabric ink pads and stamps for the rest.

5 year old's creation - using stamps and fabric ink pads

Showing off their T-shirts
They really had great fun, and were so pleased with their efforts.  Now for me to come up with some designs for the second shirts.

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