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Saturday, 8 July 2017

A Little Thatched Tudor Cottage

I have spent the last 3 days or so putting this little house together and painting it for a friend.  Great fun, although nerve wracking as you are hoping it is what they want.

I did paint some bits as I went along, but still had to do some more when it was put together.   The roof was the trickiest to get the colour right - I started off with it too yellow, so it was toned down with a light beige and gold Pebeo paint.   I needed to create a thatched roof, and I did this using a little Powertex clear Medium and some cottons swabs.  I wasn't quite sure of the effect to start with but when it dried and "shrank" to the mdf it was ok.  (You could probably get a similar effect, using kitchen roll applied with pva glue.)

I created the black "wooden" strips with black Sheena card, which I ran through a wood effect embossing folder of Sheena Douglass's.   I painted this with black matt Pebeo paint, and then cut it into strips.

If you look closely you will see I applied a bit of sand texture paste through a stencil before painting the white of the house.

When I took the first set of photos, I hadn't realised that I hadn't stuck the chimney on - so this was duly rectified.   The recipient also asked if I could make a house name plate, so this was also done and added.

In the picture above you can see a bit of the "stone" wall effect |I created, using a Tim Holtz stencil.   I also used it for a the base, albeit most of it wouldn't be seen as it is covered by the house.

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