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Sunday, 2 July 2017

More T-shirts

Last week I shared the T-shirts that my three youngest grandchildren had painted.   Today I have sat and painted three more for them.

Regardless of the colours in the photos - they were actually all white t-shirts.

This first one was stamped with Threaders fabric inks and stamps.  I created a template on a piece of paper to get the positioning right, and put this under the material as a guide.  (In fact I used the template as a guide for all of the printing, to ensure I got them in the right place.
Can you guess my granddaughter's name?

This second one was created with Threader's stencils and metallic fabric paints, and then stamped with the Threader's inks and Clarity Stamp mini fairies, and was for the five-year old.   

I had no idea what to do for the 8 year old - she had said something about wanting bananas in pyjamas - erm yes well no!  lol!   Looking through my stash I came across the dog stamp from My Clarity Stamp Club, and thought ummmm - she likes dogs.  I then found the butterfly stencil, and decided I could probably combine the two.   

Printed the dogs on the t-shirt with Threader's ink, and then masked it with a circle and played with the stencil using various metallic and plain fabric paints.   

I trust they will all like what I have produced!

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