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Monday, 7 August 2017

Christmas "tree" boxes/shelves - Work in progress

My daughter and I fell in love with these little display boxes/shelves, and bought a set each.  They are made from pine.  I have decided to paint mine with a Christmas theme, but you could paint/decorate them any color for any time of year.

you can arrange the boxes anyway you want.
I decided to paint mine rather than use paper.  I knew I wanted an "icy" blue and snowflakes on them.
I applied white gesso all over to start, and then I mixed some blue Pebeo deco creme with more white gesso to make it paler,

When dry I applied Pebeo modelling past through a snowflake stencil.  Loving me new stencil from Daisy Designs.  (It came with a holly stencil and a lovely random brickwork stencil)

Today I decided I would add some snowflake/winter papers to the inside.  (That was a bit of an interesting exercise cutting them to fit!)  I am also hoping that the wrinkles that occurred when I stuck them with modgepodge will disappear when fully dried.  The papers were some freebie ones from Anntaurus.

I then applied some Creative Expressions Frosty Sparkle Glitter Kiss over the sides, which highlighted the snowflakes and I also applied it to the front edges.

With the Glitter Kiss applied, although it doesn't show up well in photo

Now to decide how to finish them off - I am wanted some sort of a scene inside the shelves - so will have to get thinking cap on.  I do have some little mdf shapes, and a tub of eXpand-iT and some glitter, which would give me a nice snow finish on the shelves which hopefully I can then stand some shapes in it.

So ........ more to fully when inspiration strikes.

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