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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Cloud Clay and Air Brushing

First Attempt

I have been watch Cassie Brown's demo's all week, and my lovely husband said would I like one - well I didn't need asking twice, have wanted one for 30 years!

It arrived this morning, and having been good and read the instructions, and watched the video, I sat and played this afternoon.  I started with the "play" above, trying out all the techniques demo'ed on the CD.

I then decided to try mixing some colours and paint a scene!  bit amateurish, but not bad for second attempt at airbrushing.

First attempt with colour

I then tried using a freebie cake stencil.

stencilled train

Also this week at last my Cloud Clay order was delivered.  (someting happened to the first order and it got lost in cyberspace).   So I had a play and then used the airbrush on the items.  The items on the right was created with terracotta coloured cloud clay and the one on the right with yellow cloud clay.  Really pleased with the way they turned out

Stamping into Cloud Clay, then airbrushing with  red, blue and green, and varnished

Next it was the turn of a rose I made.

Yellow Cloud Clay rose airbrushed with orange

Finally, my daughter and eldest granddaughter called in to play as they knew the airbrush had arrived.
I showed them what to do and these two are my daughter's first two attempts - sickeningly good! (either that or I am a good teacher!)

Daughter's first attempt

I may never speak to her again - lol!

Daughter's second attempt!

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