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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Fairy House

I love Paverpol and Powertex, as you have probably gathered if you have followed my blog over the years.    Hochanda had some Powertex kits on the other week, and I treated myself.

The Fairy House was made using the black Powertex kit, which came complete with the fairy door and some lace.  I had quite a bit of t-shirt material etc in my stash and some scrim etc.

The House started off life as a Kenco coffee jar (other makes are available), but I wanted a square house.

When wrapping the material I left a small square of jar showing, so that I can insert one of the battery tealights eventually, so that it lights up.

Once dry the black finish was dry brushed with the powder colours and varnish that came in the kit.

In situ on the rockery (possibly!)

I loved doing this, and can see the granddaughters asking for one each!   Certainly a variation on the vase I made from a similar coffee jar a few years ago, using Paverpol..

and here is a sneaky peak of something else I am currently working on - will do a new post when it is finished  (i.e. when painted)!  (finished house will be on blog on Friday 16th Sept)

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