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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Mixed Media Aenmones

I used Sheena's anemone die and stamps again, but this time experimented with acrylic paints and some decoart coloured gilding wax.

Most of the petals were painted with Pebeo DYNA iridescent paints, but the purple and pale blue had the back petals coloured with the gilding wax.

When dry I used the stamp for the markings, and then using the "brush embroidery" technique, I outlined the petals with Pebeo Mixtion Relief, brushed it out onto the petals,  and when dry applied Pebeo mirror foil.  (Blue for the dark blue one and silver on the other two)  The leaves were painted with yellow green DYNA, and shaded with a darker green Pebeo acrylic.  They were also treated with a little mixtion and some had green foil added, and some gold, because I couldn't decide which I liked best!  Finally I added a gemstone to the middle.

Painted with blue black Dyna and blue mirror foil, Gold foil on leaves

as above but with green foil on leaves

Back petals with gilding wax, front petals with purple/blue and red/blue
green foil on leaves

as above but with gold foil on leaves

Blue gilding wax on back petals.  Blue Green Pebeo on front.  Silver mirror foil and
gold mirror on leaves

as above with green foil on leaves

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